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Helpful Hints:

Before you can use Reset Password you must register
 by clicking the User Registration link.

You must register for each type of password that you want to
reset. This includes Ferrellgas, Blue Rhino, and Bridger.

For example, if you have all three accounts you’d register three
separate times, once for each account.
To register to be able to reset your Ferrellgas password choose
 “LIBERTY�? in the Log on to box. For Blue Rhino you’d choose
BRC-SERVER and for Bridger you’d choose BRIDGERGROUP.

 Sign in with the applicable account that you selected.
If you know your password and just want to change it, please
choose Change Password and then sign in with the account that
 you want to change.

In the “Log on to�? box LIBERTY is your Ferrellgas account,
BRC-SERVER is your Blue Rhino account,
and BRIDGERGROUP is your Bridger account.